Storm 7

The Storm 7kN electric p-wave source

Local carriers

The Storm 7 can be mounted on local vehicles to move the system from one vp to another. The connection interface can easily be attached to any type of carrier. This also enables hold down mass.

Award winning technology

We won the best paper award granted by the SEG in 2016. The paper describes the E-vibe technology. Please contact us to get a copy of the paper.

Extreme low frequencies

The Storm 7 can deliver 2.0 Hz at full force. With the use of multiple linear synchronous electric motors very low frequencies can be generated at full force. Conventional sources are unable to do this.

Low environmental footprint

No fluids and high pressures. A fully electric seismic source in a compact design, minimizing line and timber clearing costs.

The Storm 7 Electric Source

2.0 HZ full force electric p-wave seismic source

Electric vibe

Storm 7

Vibe Weight

1650 kg

Cont. force s-wave


Cont. force p-wave

7000N (1600lbs)

Frequency range

1- 300 Hz (start taper at 1 Hz

Full drive frequency range

2-240 Hz

Signal depth

~2 km

Operational temperatures

-20°C — +50°C

Power supply

14 kW generator

Sweep length



Pilot, weighted sum ground force


send/receive 0-5 V rising edge

Frequently asked questions

It is possible to rent the Storm 7. Please contact us for more information.

We use local vehicles, like telehandlers or comparable carrier to move the system. 

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