The Lightning P- and S-wave electric source

Fully Electric

The Lightning is fully electric. Two 50 ah lithium ion batteries are used to keep the system running all day long. It is also possible to power the source by a generator or connect it to the grid.

Synchronization of multiple sources

Multiple Lightning sources can be synchronized in both p- and s-wave mode to create an array of sources and increase force.

High productivity shooting

Connecting the Lightning seismic source and tow hitch lift to a carrier makes it very productive. Moreover, the system can be mounted on any type of vehicle, 4x4, buggy etc.

Low environmental footprint

No fluids and high pressures. Just fully electric seismic sources in a compact design and low noise (dB).

Our Lightning electric source

rugged and reliable electric seismic sources with a minimal environmental footprint for seismic acquisition

Electric vibe

Lightning seismic source

Vibe Weight

90 Kg

Cont. force s-wave

1700N (400lbs)

Cont. force p-wave

1200N (270lbs)

Frequency range

1-1000 Hz (start taper at 1 Hz

Full drive frequency range

8-400 Hz

Signal depth

~300 mtrs

Operational temperatures

-20°C — +50°C

Power supply

48VDC battery / 230 VAC power

Sweep length



Pilot, weighted sum ground force


send/receive 0-5 V rising edge

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can both rent or purchase the Lightning. 

We develop our own vibrator control software, called flexsweep. With flexsweep you can easily adjust the parameters of your sweep e.g. frequency range, force, taper and type of sweep. You can even upload your own designed sweep.

The Lightning contains accelerometers on the baseplate and reaction mass. This is to estimate ground force measuring accelerations on base plate and reaction mass for weighted sum ground force control. 


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