Electric Seismic Sources

Advancing the science of acquisition with E-vibes

Electromechanical systems

Our seismic sources or E-vibes are fully electric and have features that conventional hydraulic vibrators are unable to reach. This is because our seismic systems use electromagnetic linear motors instead of servo or hydraulic valves.

E-vibes and Low Source Maintenance

Using linear actuators results in a frictionless design and therefore reduces maintenance tremendously.

Extreme low frequencies

Full force at 2 Hz or 4 Hz and always a drive level of 100% with high controllability? That can easily be done by our E-vibes since the multiple linear actuators enable enough stroke, while minimizing distortion.

Low environmental footprint

No fluids and high pressures. Fully electric seismic sources in a compact design, minimizing line and timber clearing costs.

Our Electric Seismic Sources

rugged and reliable electric seismic sources with a minimal environmental footprint for seismic acquisition



  • P- and S wave
  • 1800N Force
  • 1-1000Hz

Storm 7


  • P-wave
  • 7 kN Force
  • 1-250Hz

Storm 50


  • P-wave
  • 50 kN Force
  • 1-250Hz

Frequently asked questions

Instead of hydraulic valves, we use multiple electric linear synchronous motors to generate acoustic signals in a range of frequencies. Please read our award winning paper (Best paper award 2016 SEG) for more information. 

We specify our e-vibes based on the full force (100% drive level) at the lowest frequency. For example our Storm 50 has a force of ~50kN / ~12.000lbs. The lowest frequency it can produce 12.000lbs is 4Hz. Comparable hydraulic sources are unable to reach this. Maximum drive levels of comparable hydraulic sources are 60-70% and the distortion is 20-30% or even higher. This has an enormous negative impact on the “useful signal”. The E-vibes can be used at 100% drive level with only <5% internal distortion.

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What people say

"This innovation is the technology of the future for seismic acquisition: better control, increased bandwidths and a environmentally friendly"
Guy Drijkoningen
Associate Professor at the TU Delft
"A bottleneck in the industry is that current seismic source technology, explosives and diesel hydraulic vibrators cannot provide high quality and cost effective results. The E-vibe offers a solution. by addressing the shortcomings of the traditional seismic sources with the use of fully electric direct drive technology. "
Johan Dams
CTO at Magnetic Innovations
"Oil company executives set out their need for new seismic techniques to achieve lower frequency full wave inversion surveys and more integrated projects. The E-vibe enables such targets."
Gehrig Schultz
Owner Surus Geo
"In the 80's, the semiconductor industry produced microchips with the use of hydraulic machines. However, these machines were unreliable and inaccurate. The use of linear synchronous motors in the semiconductor industry has resulted in unprecedented solutions. The E-vibe will do the same for the seismic industry."
Leo Sanders
Director at MI-Partners