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Full Force Geophysical is a joint venture between Seismic Mechatronics and Synterra Technologies. The two companies have joint their forces to advance the science of acquisition with the use of Electric Seismic Sources.

Seismic Mechatronics develops and builds rugged and reliable electric seismic sources with a minimal environmental footprint for seismic acquisition. 

Synterra Technologies is a geophysical service provider offering a complete range of technical services to the petroleum and mining industries. Their “One Window Concept” allows them to produce premier quality digital mapping products, optimize 3D design models, obtain regulatory approvals, ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, project manage and secure preferred contractors.

Tailored to your needs

We make sure your project is managed efficiently and effectively.

Processing & interpretation

Unprecedented seismic data is gathered by using our electric seismic sources.

High tech equipment

For seismic acquisition we use tomorrow's technology today.

Advancing the science of acquisition

A bottleneck in the industry is that current seismic source technology,  explosives and diesel hydraulic vibrators, cannot provide high quality and cost effective seismic data. We offer a solution by introducing electric seismic sources. 

Electric Seismic Sources

Our mission is to introduce E-vibs in the seismic exploration market that have the ability to produce improved subsurface images, safely, reliably and cost-effectively and thus revolutionize the industry.


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