Full Force Geophysical

Designing and building a complete range of Electromechanical vibrators (E-vibs) to revolutionize land seismic acquisition for the global petroleum, mining and geotechnical industries,
 while offering a complete range of geophysical services to manage your E-Vib geophysical project.


Electric Seismic Sources

E-vibs generate waveforms at the stated full force immediately and without distortion. Results in a signal with no harmonics or distortion across all sweep frequencies (.5-400 Hz)

A Step ahead

We maximize the result of your exploration project using innovative technology

Low Environmental Impact

The Electric Seismic Sources produce high force over a wide bandwidth in a compact design reducing line and timber clearing tremendously, as well as noise (dB).

Full Force Data Acquisition

We offer efficient management of resource extraction around the world.

our services

We deliver a complete range of geophysical services. We offer premier quality digital mapping products, optimize 3D design models, obtain regulatory approvals, ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, project management and secure preferred contractors. 

We offer various electric seismic sources for your project. Our  seismic sources or E-vibes are fully electric and have features that conventional hydraulic vibrators are unable to reach. This is because our seismic systems use electromagnetic linear motors instead of hydraulic valves.

Our professional team is highly experienced in geophysical project operational delivery, technical support and quality control, and have significant project management capability with the ability to plan, design, monitor and execute projects of any size and complexity.

Awarded Technology

In 2016 we won the best paper award granted by the SEG for its paper “a seismic vertical vibrator driven by linear synchronous motors”, which describes the basic principles of our electric seismic source technology. We were also awarded a Eurostars/Eureka Grant to further develop the E-vibe technology